Biological pathway data integration and access platform

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A pathway data integration and query platform for Pathway Commons (PC).

The long-term vision is to achieve a complete computable map of the cell across all species and conditions. We aim to provide for the efficient exchange of pathway data; aggregation and integration of pathways from major available sources into a shared public information store; distribution in a value-added, standardized form; availability to the end-user via advanced internet web service technology; and dissemination of the technology of biological knowledge representation and pathway analysis by collaboration and training.

This effort builds on the recent emergence of a diverse and active community of pathway databases, the development in this community of a common language for biological pathway data exchange (BioPAX) and work in the Sander and Bader groups since late 2002 in building infrastructure for managing, integrating, and analyzing pathway information.

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Pathway Commons: Research Resource for Biological Pathways, PIs: Chris Sander, Gary Bader, 1U41HG006623 (formerly 1 P41 P41HG04118)